Who are we?

We are a grass roots movement. Our aim is to provide reliable edible gardening advice to everyone and especially to those who have busy lives and young families but still want to grow their own food.

Growing your own food is not always as easy as it looks on TV or in glossy magazines. For many years we gardened, diligently buying potting mix and planting European annuals like large tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. While we had some successes, lettuce often wilted, and large tomatoes were plagued with pests. The effort and expense involved kept us buying from the local grocery store. This all changed when we discovered edible perennial plants.

Together with Rotary and Food Plant Solutions we have now tested hundreds of species of edible plants in our experimental food forest in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. The result is an edible foodscape full of the hardiest, most nutritious, and delicious plants for Western Brisbane.

Experimental garden in the Western suburbs of Brisbane.

We want to share our experience to help everyone successfully grow, at least some, of their own food. It doesn’t matter whether you have acreage or simply a balcony, we have distilled our collective garden knowledge down to the simplest, most reliable edible gardening techniques for Brisbane.

Container garden full of perennial salad greens.

Everything we do is run by volunteers. We provide community education and work with schools and community gardens, providing plants and advice for edible gardening success.  For more information or to get in touch please contact Ketah at brisbaneediblegardening@brisbaneediblegardening

Local edible gardeners sharing knowledge and produce.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Brisbane Edible Gardening is for information only. Before you eat any plant confirm the identification and use with a nursery or other qualified person. Many plants are similar in appearance and some may be potentially harmful.

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Best Gardening for the West…

What a lovely write up in this month’s edition of The Local Bulletin. Thank you for helping us get the word out Barry. file:///C:/Users/ketah/OneDrive/Documents/Brisbane%20Edible%20Gardening/Bulletin_article_May2022.pdf

Costa Georgiadis Comes to the Garden!

Brisbane Edible Gardening were thrilled to welcome Costa Georgiadis, popular Gardening Australia TV host and educator, to our experimental edible garden last weekend. Watch this lovely video with the Samford Edible Gardens Trail presenter Susanne, Costa and Brisbane Edible Gardening’s…

Vegies for a year….

The idea growing all of your own fruit and vegies is a very appealing one. Never having to go to the grocery store and instead simply walking out the back door to fill a basket from the garden. Many glossy…

Why Perennial Plants?

For many years we gardened, diligently buying potting mix and planting European annuals like large tomatoes, cabbage, eggplants, lettuce etc. While we had some successes, lettuce often wilted and tomatoes were plagued with pests. The effort and expense involved kept…

What we grow

Many of you have asked for a list of plants we grow. We have a very diverse garden. The garden is a testing site for plants. So far we have evaluated about 500 different edible species. Of those 500 about…

Community Plants

Our goal is to make awesome (and resilient) edible plants easily available to the general community. We can help you source edible perennial greens, herbs, fruit trees and plenty of native edibles too. To arrange a tray of plants (see…

What are Food Forests?

Food forests are a low maintenance garden system. They have the resilience and beauty of a natural system and consist primarily of long lived perennial plants planted in layers from the ground to the tree tops. In this system plants…

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This booklet is an introduction to the hardiest, most reliable and nutritious backyard food crops for Queensland. Contact us for a physical copy.