Lebanese Cress (Aethionema cordifolium)

Lebanese cress. Not to be confused with the somewhat bitter watercress, this beautiful perennial salad green deserves to be a delicious and attractive addition to every salad. Grown best in a sunny spot in a wicking box (they thrive in water).

•Native to the Mediterranean.

•Attractive landscaping plant with fern like foliage.

•Bush to 70 cm high.

•Raw leaves are a  beautiful addition to salads.

•Very productive year-round.

•Flavour is reminiscent of celery.

•Excellent pond plant grown partially submerged in a full sun position.

•Will also grow in the shade in hot areas.

•Will grow well in boggy soil.

•Propagates easily by breaking a piece off the adult plant and planting the cutting in boggy soil.

The Lebanese Cress shown here is growing in full sun in an old bathtub. It is well suited to this growing method. Simply stack a few bricks in the bottom of the tub so that when you place the pot on top that about 2/3 of the pot is out of the water and the remaining 1/3 is submerged.

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