Simple Inexpensive Wicking Box

Getting enough water is often the greatest challenge. Wicking beds are an excellent solution to this for many plants. Start small, even a single wicking box and a nice perennial salad green like Lebanese cress for example. It can be as easy (and inexpensive) as this:

1. Use a styrofoam box (often free from the local grocer).

2. Give the exterior of the box a quick paint.

3. Position the box in the garden.

4. Fill with compost and healthy garden soil.

5. Plant your seedlings or cuttings.

6. Use a stick to poke a couple of drain holes about 1/3 of the way up the box.

7. Now fill with water until it comes out the drain holes.

8. Add a little Seasol and a layer of mulch (i.e. fine sugarcane mulch)

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