What a difference 12 month can make!

This is the same area of garden. After adding a lot of compost, worm castings and sugarcane mulch (which feeds microbes with its sugar content as it decomposes) the passionfruit and Madagascar Beans have covered the garden shed. Perennial greens such as sweet potato, Sambung, Brazilian Spinach, Sorrel and wild rocket have covered the ground and the Midyim Berries, Bananas, Paw paws and Pomegranate have all done their job amongst yarrow, comfrey and pigeon pea (for chop and drop nutrients). There is still a long way to go building the soil with top dressings of compost, worm juice, molasses, seasol and sugarcane mulch but the garden is already developing a microclimate of its own. It is the coolest place in the garden and even on the hottest of days is pleasant to work in. I look forward to to seeing it continue to develop in the years to come.

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