Atherton Raspberry (Rubus probus)

Atherton Raspberries (Rubus probus) are fruiting in the garden soon (June). This Australian native plant has a flavour similar to traditional raspberries. A native dry rainforest plant that will tolerate a range of soil types. They grow in stands with canes to about 2m high. They prefer full sun and regular water for prolific fruiting. A truly delicious bush snack.

“Large, scrambling shrub with recurved prickles. Bright green foliage and terminal panicles of white flowers in Spring and Summer and red edible fruits 1-2cm. In diameter. Fruit makes a delicious jam. Shrub provides sheltered nest sites for small birds.” Paten Park Native Nursery

Native raspberries growing at The Gap, Brisbane. Full sun, abundant fruits (May, 2022).

For those of you looking for Native Raspberries in Brisbane, Paten Park Native Plant Nursery have tube stock ($2.50). For further information see and 57 Paten Rd, The Gap QLD 4061

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