Autumn: What to plant

Autumn and winter are excellent times of year to get fruit trees in the ground. That way, they can establish their root systems over winter and be ready to put on a growth spurt come Spring.

Autumn is also a great time to plant the following:

* Kohlrabi

* Garlic

* Beans

* Tamarillo

* Cherry tomatoes

* Bok choy

* Okinawa spinach

* Sambung

* Lebanese cress

* Warrigal greens

* Pumpkin

* Rocket

* Aibika

* Coriander

* Artichoke

* Broccoli (water/nutrient hungry)

* Cucumbers (water/nutrient hungry)

* Parsley

* Vietnamese mint

* Lettuce

* Silverbeet

Please note that not everything will do well. We find that the Western suburbs of Brisbane are a mix of subtropical and semi-arid conditions. Plants such as Broccoli will need a lot of attention (soil preparation, pest control, watering) to succeed while Parsley can be planted and almost forgotten about. Remember healthy soil (plenty of compost, microbes and worms) leads to healthy plants and great crops. Happy gardening 🧑‍🌾

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