Fruit Trees

There are so many fruiting plants that will do well in South-East Queensland. The star performers (in terms of hardiness, productivity, and flavour) are listed below. I would love to hear of hidden gems we’ve missed.

• Acerola Cherry

• Atherton raspberry

• Atherton raspberry (Australian native)

• Bananas (Pisang Celang, Ducasse and Blue Java varieties)

• Black sapote

• Blueberries (grown in a pot)

• Brazillian Cherry (mostly because it is so hardy and productive)

• Brown turkey figs

• Dragon fruit

• Fejoa

• Gin Berry

• Gramichama

• Guava

• Jaboticaba

• Jackfruit

• Lemonade fruit

• Lillypilly (Australian native)

• Lisbon Lemon

• Macadamia

• Midyim berries (Australian native)

• Mulberry (Native and European)

• Panama berry

• Passionfruit (Panama Gold (large yellow fruit) and Panama Red (large purple red fruit)

• Peanut butter bush

• Pepino

• Pineapple

• Pomegranite

• Red papaya

• Soursop

• Star apple

• Strawberry guava

• Tahitian lime

• Tamarillo

• Wax jambu

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