Okinawa Spinach (Gynura bicolor)

A beautiful and mild flavoured salad green that grows easily into a lush bush with an attractive purple underside. Not slimy Iike some greens can be. A great addition to any salad. The growing instructions usually say ‘grow in full sun’ however in the Mount Crosby area they seem to like part shade as shown here.

•Attractive landscaping plant with purple foliage (underneath).

•Productive year-round leaf crop that can be used as a replacement for either lettuce, spinach or Bok Choy.

•It is one of the easiest perennial leaf crops to grow.

•Leaves have a pleasant, mild flavour.

•Grows in full sun (with enough water) but does very well in part shade with minimal effort.

•Tolerates a wide range of soil types.

•Very nutritious eaten raw or cooked.

•As with Sambung, remove the small yellow flowers to prevent caterpillar infestations.

•Harvest regularly to promote a compact attractive bush.

•Useful for poultry forage.

•It is also said to lower cholesterol.

You can see a video of our Okinawa Spinach here.

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