Sweetleaf, Katuk (Sauropus androgynus)

•An amazing perennial plant that grows with minimum effort.

•Shrub to 2m.

•Highly nutritious (with 6.4% protein).

•Leaves taste like sweet peas.

•Grows well in full sun.

•Extremely hardy and low maintenance.

•Can be eaten raw in salads in limited quantities (due to the presence of Papaverine).

•Is best enjoyed steamed or stir-fried, where it can be eaten in abundance.

•Easily propagated from cuttings.

•Excellent plant for edible landscaping.

Katuk in flower.
Katuk fruit, not worth eating but this plant does propagate easily from seed.

Sweet leaf (katuk). Produces leaves that taste like snow peas. Delicious salad perennial. Kids love to eat small quantities straight from the bush. Also great for shade in the garden and more water tolerant than many other species. Does well in the Mount Crosby area.

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