Bush Foods

Australian native plants are a great resource for a hardy and reliable edible garden. We have a wide range of edible native plants thriving amongst our other perennial edible plants.

Atherton Raspberry

Our Bush Foods include Atherton Raspberry, Blue tongue, Blueberry Lilly (aka. Blueberry Flax Lily), Bush Basil (aka. Native Coleus, Gin Berry, Mountain Plectranthus, Sticky Cockspur, All-herb), Cinnamon Myrtle, Davidson plum, Finger lime, Lemon Myrtle, Lillypilly, Macadamia Nut, Midyim Berry, Native ginger, Native mulberry, Native River Mint (aka. Wild Mint), Native tamarind, Native Thyme (aka. Cut-leaf Mint Bush), Native Wintercress, Pig face, Samphire, Sandpaper fig, Scurvy Weed, Sea celery, Warrigal greens and Water Parsley.

Warrigal Greens
Native River Mint (Mentha australis)
Sea Celery

Gin Berry

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