Booval Edible Exchange

Jason Hauser created a group “Booval Swap Cart” to make sharing produce and edible plants an option 24/7. You can check out what people have put on the cart by visiting the group anytime. If you have something you are placing on the cart please post on the group so everyone can see 🙂 Located at the corner of Clifton and Alexandra Street, Booval.

Link to Booval Swap Cart:

Swap Cart Location: Corner of Clifton & Alexandra Street BOOVAL.

A basic swap cart set up to assist the community with sharing and redistributing excess produce and edible or native plants. Swaps of garden items such as plastic pots, pest exclusion bags or cleaned plastic produce containers are welcomed too. Please no sharp objects, no thorny or toxic or sap producing plants, and no breakable objects like glass and ceramics as we wish the cart to remain a safe space for all.

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