Mount Crosby Community Food Swap

The vibrant Ellice Hawkey started our local Community Food Swap back in 2019. The following is her guidance on Community Food Swaps. Thanks Ellice! Open photo How does it work? Besides being a money-free event, there aren’t many rules. As long as both the swapper and swappee are happy with a swap, it’s all good! You’ll likely find swappers are happy to share their excess, and are grateful for anything in return, but please consider the time and skills involved in swapped items when suggesting a swap. Sharing your excess with your community is the main focus, rather than trying to get a good deal for yourself. 🌱What can I bring? We swap and share almost anything gardening, eco-friendly, cooking and food related. A quick browse through the photos posted after each swap will give you a good idea of what we see. Think seeds, seedlings, cuttings, manure, fruits & veg, baked items, preserves, pickles, eggs, honey. We especially love baked treats! 🥕What if I don’t have anything to bring? Come along anyway! Have a wander around, meet the (super friendly) regulars and get a feel for what we do. Knowing our swappers you won’t leave empty handed! If you don’t have anything and don’t want to come empty handed, baked goods are always welcomed! 🐝What is the seed exchange? This is a cute little wooden box of various seeds that have been donated to share with everyone. Bring along some of your excess, unloved, unwanted and saved seeds to add to the box and grab some that you would like to plant. Please package seeds in a small seed packet and label clearly! 🐶We love swap hounds! Bring your well-behaved, furry friends on a leash so we can take a happy snap of them to add to our page after the swap!
To follow the Mount Crosby Community Food Swap

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