Samford Edible Exchange

Samford Edible Exchange. Credit Anna Fawcus.

Article by Anna Fawcus.

Samford Edible Exchange is for local residents to use at their leisure.

We support of War on Waste

How it operates

Open 24/7.

Locals will drop off their excess produce, egg carton, glass jars, bags, pots, plants etc, then take what they would like, this doesn’t necessarily have to happen on the same visit.

It’s honesty system.

Some visits you take lots and other visits you are only dropping off.

Please mention what you took or what you dropped off and take photos each visit, upload to Facebook, so we know what’s available.

If there is a name on a product leave it as someone has left it for a particular person to collect.

What is welcome at the exchange.

Any Fresh produce you have grown

Or items relating to growing, eating produce such as

Egg cartons


Container to store food

Plants that produce edible food

Seeds that produce edible food

Homemade jams, pickles, etc

Cow Poo

If you want to be involved yet have nothing to contribute, Help us tidy the exchange.

The facebook group is also a bank of knowledge so have discussions ask questions, swap food items, use the exchange as a pickup point.

We ask No negative talk, this is a place of community support.

Please use the cart and enjoy.

Follow the Samford Edible Exchange on facebook

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