Taringa Community Garden Edible Workshop

Workshop 19th June 2022

“On Sunday we had a wonderful presentation from Dr Ketah Silvester on resilient edible plants that are easy alternatives to the average salad and vege you might find in the grocery store. 🌱 We will be swapping out the $12 lettuce for these! 🥬” Claire (Co-ordinator, Taringa Community Garden).

Edible Perennial Plants

Brisbane Edible Gardening donated a tray of edible perennial plants and planted up two garden beds with about 30 people. We had cake and coffee and a wonderful chat over a couple of hours and much was learnt by all.

The Taringa Community Garden Crew

For anyone interested, Taringa Community Garden has a lovely group of very enthusiastic gardeners (and some great cake cooks, well done Tracey!). For more information see https://www.facebook.com/taringacommunitygarden

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