Outsmarting the Possums

Companion planting techniques to deter wildlife from vegetable gardens. We’ve had success with planting strongly aromatic plants such as Curry Bush, Vietnamese mint, dogbane, native basil, rue and Tansy around vegetables. Planting Brazilian spinach as dense borders along garden pathways also helps. The possums tend to graze on the more accessible border plants rather than bother to forage further into the vegetable patch. We also make sure there is plenty of possum forage planted away from the food growing areas (like hedges of plumbago and water pots).

Dogbane – not edible but bee attractant and pest deterrent.

Possums here seem to use regular pathways through the garden. Avoiding these paths, or placing a barrier like a strongly scented (curry bush) or spiked plant (Bromeliaed) between the paths and the vegetable garden, also helps.

Brazilian Spinach edging.

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