Worm Farm (Inexpensive)

Worm juice is a key fertiliser in our garden. We have three worm farms in a nice shady spot in the garden to recycle fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen.

For an easy and inexpensive worm farm setup try this:

1. Get two styrofoam boxes and place one on top of the other.

2. Use a screw driver to poke a dozen holes in the floor of the top box.

3. Line the top box with newspaper or sugarcane mulch.

4. Fill the top box 3/4 full with a mix of soil and sugarcane mulch.

5. Water well.

6. Add your worms on top (Red or Tiger worms work best for us).

7. Put on a lid and place in a shady location in the garden.

8. A bung hole in the bottom box makes extracting the worm juice easy but the top box can also be lifted up to access the juice.

Start small by feeding a handful or two of vegetative kitchen scraps once a week. Over time the worm juice will collect in the bottom box. It’s also a good idea to give the worms a light hose once in a while with a sprinkle of lime to neutralise the acid in the garden scrap juices. Crushed egg shells are also a great addition but avoid citrus and onions. Obviously no meat or bread just fruit and veggie scraps. Water the juice down 10:1 and water your plants weekly with this great liquid fertiliser.

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