Bush Food Plant Book

Many Australian native plants are edible but not all are as palatable as others. Check out this new booklet, that introduces some of the tastiest and most rewarding Australian natives to grow around SEQ.

Produced by Brisbane Edible Gardening, a community education organisation and Land for Wildlife member, based in Brisbane’s west and Paten Park Native Nursery: www.BrisbaneEdibleGardening.org

The focus of the booklet is on the tastiest and most rewarding bush foods for south-east Queensland suburban backyards.

With our changing climate there has never been a better time to grow Australian native plants. Not only do native plants support biodiversity and native wildlife but they are typically long lived (perennials), resilient, nutrient dense and uniquely suited to local growing conditions.

The book is available at Paten Park Native Plant Nursery (The Gap) and Froggy Creek Edible Exchange (Mount Crosby). It is also available at Jez’s Seedlings (Inala) and Northey Street City Farm Nursery (Windsor).

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