Brazilian Cherry (Eugenia uniflora)

Brazilian cherries. You either love them or you hate them. With their very tart flavour, these subtropical cherries aren’t for everyone but for those who enjoy a juicy tangy fruit with a cherry like texture you can’t go past this incredibly hardy fruit tree. One of the few fruit trees that will produce an abundant crop regardless of the growing conditions. Drought tolerant, wet clay soil tolerant and even the birds seem to leave them alone in our neighbourhood (but not in other areas of Brisbane which has led to them being invasive). Just be mindful that it has the tendency to become weedy so keep well away from nature areas and waterways and harvest the fruit promptly to prevent it being spread by the birds! Better yet, keep them confined to a pot. If you do see a tree dropping berries, collect the fruits from the tree for a great alternative to Quince paste. Fantastic with cheese and crackers.

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