Late November in Olga’s annual veggie patch

We have been making the most of the cool, overcast weather here in Brisbane at the moment by taking the opportunity to put in a summer crop. We spent the morning digging over Olga’s annual veggie patch and planting corn, capsicum, eggplant, dwarf beans, perpetual spinach and summer lettuce. We also added a few more yacons and pepinos.

The cucumbers we planted in early spring are powering up the trellis and are covered in flowers. Add to that that beautiful cornflower and the sound of bees buzzing in the basil blossoms. It is a truly beautiful time of year to be in the garden.

Nothing quite like putting your hands in rich loamy soil and discovering all of the worms and insects doing their thing at this time of year. We also harvested the last of the winter onions, cabbages and carrots for tonight’s dinner.

A summer crop is possible for the annual bed in Brisbane, just be sure to water in very well and add a nice little blanket of sugar cane mulch to help protect your crop from the harshest of the hot weather.

Just look at the size of this Spanish onion!

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