Panama Berry

Descriptions of the flavour of Panama berry range from caramel to fairy floss. It is truly the queen of sweet tasting fruits. The ripe red berries range in size from 10-20mm depending on the amount of water the tree receives. The fruit can be enjoyed whole, skin, flesh and seeds but is tastiest when you pierce the skin and suck out the exquisite flesh and seeds. Panama berry trees are very fast growing, reaching a height of 3-4 meters within a few years and given ideal growing conditions 5-10m. They are also particularly shallow rooted and have a tendency to topple over in strong winds so a sheltered position is recommended. The tree responds well to pruning and can be easily struck from cuttings. It makes a highly ornamental tree and will bear fruit within the first year. This vigorous tree has weed potential in tropical Queensland. Ideal for kids as it provides lovely shade and tempting berries that kids just love.

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