Blue Java Bananas

The blue Java bananas are ready! Also known as ice cream bananas, the flavour is vanilla like with a creamy texture. They aren’t the shortest of bananas (which is why this bunch isn’t bagged) but most survived the possums, flying foxes and birds.

Blue Java bananas are a good choice for our climate and are a delicious eating banana but honestly you’re hard pressed going past a dwarf ducasse for flavour and productivity in our climate. Plus being a shorter plant they don’t advertise to the flying foxes and birds as much as the taller varieties can.

Like all bananas in the subtropics they continue year round though they slow down considerably during the cooler months.

For those who wondered if they were blue when ripe, this is an internet exaggeration. While the nearly ripe bunch has a greenish blue hue the ripe bananas look like this.

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