Annual Plants

Annual Plants are those that typically complete their entire life cycle in a year. Many traditional European vegetable fall into this category due to the strongly seasonal climate there. Here in Brisbane, we tend to favour plants that are productive year after year (perennials) however there are some Annuals that are just too good not to plant. These plants, like tomatoes, beans, peas, rosellas, beetroot, amaranth and the like, are worth the additional effort that many annuals require.

Late November in Olga’s annual veggie patch

We have been making the most of the cool, overcast weather here in Brisbane at the moment by taking the opportunity to put in a summer crop. We spent the morning digging over Olga’s annual veggie patch and planting corn, capsicum, eggplant, dwarf beans, perpetual spinach and summer lettuce. We also added a few more…

Planting Guide – December and January

Annual seeds ready for Brisbane gardeners to plant directly in the ground at this time of year include: While regular lettuce, kale and spinach is bolting to seed or growing bitter, now is the perfect time to plant leafy green alternatives that will thrive over summer. These include: Lebanese cress growing in wicking boxes.

November in the Garden

Harvesting: Jaboticabas, gramichamas, Brazilian cherries, black berries, the last of the winter kale, silverbeet, carrots and parsnip, herbs, pigface, leafy greens (Okinawa spinach, sambung etc), bananas, paw paws, Atherton raspberries, jackfruit, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, tamarillos, Panama berries, mock strawberries, native elderberry, amaranth seeds, warrigal greens and cape gooseberries. Planting: Winged yams, perennial greens, wing…

October – what to plant.

Now is the time to put seeds in for Asian Vegetables Beans – French Capsicum Chilli Choko Cucumbers Eggplant Lettuce Luffa New guinea beans Pumpkins Rosella Shallots Snake beans Squash Tomatoes Wing beans It is also the time to plant your choko and sweet potatoes. For those interested in moon planting, here is what’s happening…

Red Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus)

•Short-lived perennial or self-seeding annual. •Can reach heights of over 2m  tall •Delicious stems and leaves you can eat like spinach, but it’s also a healthy and nutritious grain. •The very similar Land Amaranth (shown right) is also a common ‘weed’ in Queensland but is wonderful cooked in Spanakopita. •Productive year-round with peak season in…


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