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This page showcases grass roots initiatives that have flourished spreading kindness and generosity through our communities. From Community Food Swaps and Edible Exchanges to volunteer and educational programs, or just learning how to productively grow food and sharing it when you can, we can all make a difference!

Community Food Swaps Once a month, local gardeners get together to swap home grown produce, plants, preserves and baked goods. No money changes hands, just plenty of smiles and wonderful local gardening advice. Our local swap is at the park on a Saturday morning and it has been an invaluable resource for meeting like minded gardeners and real growers who know their stuff.

Edible Exchanges are popping up across Brisbane. These exchanges allow communities to swap their excess produce and plants. It is an honesty exchange system, with a publicly accessible cart where produce is traded. No money changes hands, just a lot of yummy produce.

For those who heard us on the ABC radio national and are looking to get involved. Here are some links to local exchanges:

Brisbane Edible Gardening Mount Crosby Community Food Swap 9-10am on the 4th Saturday each month at Platypus Park, Mt Crosby. The next swap will be this Saturday 23rd July 2022. Brookfield Food Swap Dayboro Edible Exchange Samford Valley Edible Exchange Wavell Heights Edible Exchange Froggy Creek Edible Exchange Herb Station Amaroo Eatons Hill Edible Exchange Booval Edible Exchange

Seed Libraries

Seed libraries are a well labelled and organised box containing seeds provided by the community. They can usually be found at crop swaps, edible exchanges or even on people’s mailboxes around the neighbourhood. Again, they work on an honesty system, locals bring their own seeds and exchange them for seeds already provided by the community.…

Retirement Village Community Education

On Wednesday 28th July, Brisbane Edible Gardening visited the lovely Sugarwood Grove Retirement Village to talk about the best backyard food crops for our local climate. What an enthusiastic chat we had about edible foodscaping, lots of taste testing as well a local garden tour to see these wonderful plants in action (thank you Nina!).…

Taringa Community Garden Edible Workshop

“On Sunday we had a wonderful presentation from Dr Ketah Silvester on resilient edible plants that are easy alternatives to the average salad and vege you might find in the grocery store. We will be swapping out the $12 lettuce for these! ” Claire (Co-ordinator, Taringa Community Garden). Brisbane Edible Gardening donated a tray of…

Pullenvale State Primary School

We have been working with the wonderful Prep kids, Teachers and Parents at Pullenvale State Primary School to revitalise their outdoor play space, incorporating many edible, native and sensory plants, artworks and native bees. Plantings include Sambung, All-Herb, Perennial Basil, Brazilian Spinach, flowers, native mulberries and Sandpaper Fig. And who can go past a play…


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