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Ketah’s Perennial Garden (Brisbane Edible Gardening)

Ornamental Edible Gardening

Vegetable patches are wonderfully productive areas however they aren’t always as attractive as the rest of a garden. With annual plants in different stages of dying back and compost piles they may be beautiful to a gardener’s eye, but they are decidedly less so to a visiting relative or passer-by. As a result, food production…

Late November in Olga’s annual veggie patch

We have been making the most of the cool, overcast weather here in Brisbane at the moment by taking the opportunity to put in a summer crop. We spent the morning digging over Olga’s annual veggie patch and planting corn, capsicum, eggplant, dwarf beans, perpetual spinach and summer lettuce. We also added a few more…

Retirement Village Community Education

On Wednesday 28th July, Brisbane Edible Gardening visited the lovely Sugarwood Grove Retirement Village to talk about the best backyard food crops for our local climate. What an enthusiastic chat we had about edible foodscaping, lots of taste testing as well a local garden tour to see these wonderful plants in action (thank you Nina!).…

Costa Georgiadis Comes to the Garden!

Brisbane Edible Gardening were thrilled to welcome Costa Georgiadis, popular Gardening Australia TV host and educator, to our experimental edible garden last weekend. Watch this lovely video with the Samford Edible Gardens Trail presenter Susanne, Costa and Brisbane Edible Gardening’s Ketah. See the experimental garden looking lush following the recent rains! Learn more about the…

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