Edible Perennial Herbs

At Brisbane Edible Gardening we are all about helping the community to establish successful long term edible gardens. This page covers some of the best edible herbs for the home garden. These plants are nutritious, delicious and hardy (for QLD and Northern NSW condition, if not the rest of Australia and beyond!)

Brazilian Spinach (Althernanthera sissoo).

Brazilian spinach is one of the most resilient backyard plants around. It can tolerate a wide range of sun and shade conditions along with drought, dying back only to resurge when the rain arrives. Well suited to planting in dense low garden borders and especially along paths to form a dense green attractive edging. The…

Unusual nutritious plants for growing in South-East Queensland.

Brisbane’s climate lends itself to a wide range of edible plants from across Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific, including many native Australian plants. Amaranth sp. Caution: Many plants contain toxins and require specific preparation prior to consumption or are only safe to consume in limited quantities. Always confirm the identity, and the preparation…

Brazilian Spinach (Alternanthera sissoo)

•Low growing perennial to 30cm. •Extremely hardy and low maintenance. •One of the toughest plants in the garden. •Drought tolerant. •Handles a range of soils (except waterlogging conditions). •Grows well in medium shade to full sun. •Makes an attractive border plant. •Leaves can be eaten raw in salad. •Leaves can be tough, watering the plant…

5 Staple Salad Greens for Every Garden

If the recent floods have taught us anything it’s that having backyard produce is a wonderful thing. The catch is that growing your own food isn’t always as easy, particularly for those of us with jobs, kids and busy lives. That’s where Brisbane Edible Gardening comes in. Let’s start with salad greens. Whether you live…

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf (Piper sarmentosum) is a perennial vine to about half a meter in our garden. It likes a most, well drained location in full sun. The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and is very popular in Thai cooking. This plant is prolific in our food forest and can be used as an…


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This booklet is an introduction to the hardiest, most reliable and nutritious backyard food crops for Queensland. Contact us for a physical copy.