Bush Foods and Native Plants

There is so much diversity when it comes to Australian native plants. Many are edible and make attractive and productive additions to suburban edible gardens. This page introduces some of the tastiest and most rewarding Australian natives to grow around Brisbane.

The information presented here has been put together in conjunction with Paten Park Native Nursery. For great quality quality, excellent value native Plants please visit https://ppnn.org.au/ and 57 Paten Rd, The Gap QLD 4061

Cape York Lilly (Curcuma australasica)

Cape York Lilly in flower. Curcuma australasica, the native turmeric or Cape York lily. What a stunning plant. Very similar to regular turmeric in appearance with the exception of a beautiful pink stripe down the centre of the leaf. Can be used in much the same way as normal turmeric (if you can bring yourself…

Bush Food Plant Book

Many Australian native plants are edible but not all are as palatable as others. Check out this new booklet, that introduces some of the tastiest and most rewarding Australian natives to grow around SEQ. Produced by Brisbane Edible Gardening, a community education organisation and Land for Wildlife member, based in Brisbane’s west and Paten Park…

Putting Back the Forest

For those interested in regenerating the land, here is a fantastic (free!) resource from the Moggill Creek Catchment Group. Thank you to everyone who worked to put this together. So much valuable information for those wishing to rehabilitate their properties.

Midyim (Austromyrtus)

Native to the islands of Moreton Bay where it is a small heathland shrub to 2m. This hardy plant makes an attractive addition to ornamental gardens, but it is the fruits that are truly wonderful. The speckled white berries are for juicy and delicious, something akin to Eucalyptus mixed with Cinnamon. If you want to…


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This booklet is an introduction to the hardiest, most reliable and nutritious backyard food crops for Queensland. Contact us for a physical copy.