Ornamental Edible Gardening

Vegetable patches are wonderfully productive areas however they aren’t always as attractive as the rest of a garden. With annual plants in different stages of dying back and compost piles they may be beautiful to a gardener’s eye, but they are decidedly less so to a visiting relative or passer-by. As a result, food production…

Edible Ornamental Gardening

Let’s face it, vegetable patches aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing. Yes, to a gardeners eye an abundant veggie patch is a thing of beauty, but the accompanying compost piles and dying annual plants can be decidedly less so, especially to a visiting relative or passer-by. For this reason, the humble veggie patch is often…

Pumpkin Vinegar

Article by Dr Druce Batstone. Recovered 3060g blitzed pulp from 3233g deseeded JAP pumpkin. Overnight with tbs of pectinase at 40C. Blitzed OK without vinegar. Seeds were 109g.Next morning, used immersion blender to breakup pulp. Extracted 2067g juice, leaving 555g solids. Hand squeezing only. Some losses + evaporation of 448g. Added 500ml of mature pumpkin…

Ginger Shrub

Article by Dr Druce Batstone. I harvested about 3kg ginger. I wanted to make pickled ginger. I’m getting less big ginger rhizomes this year. I could only be bothered with bigger pieces for pickling. The smaller pieces were used to make shrub (cordial). Ginger Shrub1730g scraped and washed ginger.Blitzed with 0.5l rice wine vinegar. Added pectinase.…

Green Christmas

For those wishing to celebrate Christmas with a lighter environmental impact, consumable gifts are a wonderful idea, especially for those difficult to buy for people who already have everything. Need some inspiration, why not try these wonderful gifts and decorations from recycled materials and the garden. Christmas tree ornaments made from seed pods. In this…


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