Simple Wicking Boxes

Getting enough water is often the greatest challenge. Wicking beds are an excellent solution to this for many plants. Start small, even a single wicking box and a nice perennial salad green like Lebanese cress for example.

It can be as easy (and inexpensive) as this:

1. Use a styrofoam box (often free from the local grocer).

2. Give the exterior of the box a quick paint with exterior paint to slow degradation in the sun.

3. Position the box in the garden.

4. Fill with compost and healthy garden soil.

5. Plant your seedlings or cuttings.

6. Use a stick to poke a couple of drain holes about 1/3 of the way up the box.

7. Now fill with water until it comes out the drain holes.

8. Add a little Seasol and a layer of mulch (i.e. fine sugarcane mulch).

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