November in the Garden

Harvesting: Jaboticabas, gramichamas, Brazilian cherries, black berries, the last of the winter kale, silverbeet, carrots and parsnip, herbs, pigface, leafy greens (Okinawa spinach, sambung etc), bananas, paw paws, Atherton raspberries, jackfruit, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, tamarillos, Panama berries, mock strawberries, native elderberry, amaranth seeds, warrigal greens and cape gooseberries.

Planting: Winged yams, perennial greens, wing beans, Madagascar bean, okra, herbs, yacon, cassava, lettuce, sweet potato runners, cape gooseberries, fruit trees, Silverbeet, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Propagating perennials such as Okinawa spinach, warragal greens, katuk and plectranthus.

Maintenance: Mulching and enriching the soil with rich compost and worm juice. Adding rock minerals, testing soil pH and adjusting with lime or sulphur.

Native elderberry (use as traditional elderberry i.e. don’t eat the raw berries).

Mulch and prepare the new beds for summer.

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