Ginger Shrub

Article by Dr Druce Batstone.

I harvested about 3kg ginger. I wanted to make pickled ginger. I’m getting less big ginger rhizomes this year. I could only be bothered with bigger pieces for pickling. The smaller pieces were used to make shrub (cordial). 

Ginger Shrub

1730g scraped and washed ginger.
Blitzed with 0.5l rice wine vinegar. Added pectinase. 41C overnight.

227g solids
1485g liquid
0.5l apple cider vinegar
613g sugar
23% brix estimated.

About 500g losses. I estimate solid losses at less than 100g. Evaporation losses must have been quite high as dehydrator was running for about 22h. Probably not a bad thing as flavour would be concentrated. 

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