Volunteering Opportunities

We receive a lot of requests for visits to the Brisbane Edible Gardening experimental gardens and while we are thrilled by people’s interest, we don’t have tours. However, for those keen to see a food forest being created in our local climate and get hands on, we highly recommend getting involved with the Leichardt Community Garden in Ipswich.

This community garden broke ground 2 months ago with an awesome group of locals and plant experts. It is a great opportunity to learn first hand about food forests.

The community garden is very keen to see some extra hands on deck to:
* Repair and paint the Community Garden noticeboard.
* Build a pallet timber compost bay
* Finish boarding up and painting the worm farm
* Chop up and compost the timber stockpile
* Remove geraniums and replant the circular garden beds around the umbrella and tuckeroo trees.
* Fill some volunteer positions, particularly watering.

If you would like to volunteer, please comment below and we’ll add you to the roster 🙂.

The garden is open 24/7 volunteer as you can, when you can.

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